Pilot and rollout planning for the entire project. Preparation of a technical report for the evaluation of the appropriate technology. Monitoring of the public tender according to BöB/VöB for supplier selection.
Total project realisation from conceptualisation to implementation of a VOIP concept with Avaya and Cisco components. Smooth transition from existing conventional technology to Unified Communication integrating different Call Center solutions.
Takeover of current projects respecting plans made in agreement with the clients. Determination of objectives with clients, construction supervisors and involved development teams. Recruitment of new team leaders and constitution of optimal assembly teams. Creation of implementation plans in collaboration with the construction supervisor.
Development of European markets for a Canadian software provider in the telecommunication management domain, in coordination with introductory product launching projects. Focus: rapid introduction of venture capital- financed companies to European network users, specifically promotion of awareness, references and market transparency.
Evaluation of the technology and commercial viability of a system concept in telecommunications commissioned by a major financial investor.
Establishment of a functional job mandate for a telecommunications exploitation system, precisely the specifications of an innovative system taking into account the possibility of cutting edge techniques, exploitation processes and roll-out of other systems (migration). Filing of proposals according to BoeB/VoeB.
Evaluation, accompaniment and coaching of start-up technologies. Creation of a solid base to guarantee a successful future and start-up venture financing. Establishment of high quality business plans which meet the requirements of VCs.
Establishment of a job mandate, filing of proposals and evaluations. Technical and commercial evaluation of video/multimedia systems using BoeB/VoeB planned for the equipment of several sites (including termination of contracts).
Establishment of a job mandate and an acoustic project according to the current norms for the emergency evacuation of people (EN 60849, VDE 0833-4; ISO 7240-16, ISO 7240-19). Documentation of proposals (BoeB/VoeB) and realisation of the largest train station complex in Switzerland.