Christian Brand (partner)

Christian Brand

Grad. El. Eng. FH (B.Sc.)
Postgraduate degree in Business Administration

Business Development, Marketing and Product Portfolio-Management, Telecommunications networks.

Marc Pulfer (partner, CEO)

Marc Pulfer

Grad. El. Eng. FH (B.Sc.)
Grad. Med. Eng. NTB
Grad. Economy Eng. FH-NDS
MBA in General Management

Project management, Process management, Strategie and business planning, Informations and communication technologies (ICT (NMS)), convergence of IT and medical technics, Marketing process, quality and risks management, Operation Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS), Supply Chain Management, Time-based Management, Builder-owner representation end-to-end.

Michael Rigolet (partner)

Michael Rigolet

Grad. Business Management

Project management, business management, Audio & Acoustic Design (vocal alarm installation and evacuation), Low-voltage concept and creation of their submission documents, concept of private medium-voltage systems, cost analysis regarding acquisition, operation and maintenance, quality and risks management, assessment and monitoring of installation teams.

Manuel Schüpbach (Partner)

Manuel Schüpbach

Grad. IT specialist in software engineering HF
Postgraduate degree in Project Management HF

Project Management, business analysis and requirements engineering. Business process engineering, concept and implementation of workflow management systems. KPI development and reporting, business intelligence. Network and security engineering, network management. Service management, data governance, agile methodologies, workshop moderation.