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BG&P AG is an independant service provider.
Our customer base consists of ICT industry (consumers, suppliers, providers, system integrators), start-up companies in the field of technology, companies in the sector of finance and banking, industrial companies, venture capital and private equity companies.
BG&P AG holds a solid market position. Thanks to our long-time practical experience in the guidance, establishment, and turn-around of technology companies we have succeeded in setting up a broad customer base in the SME and multinational segment.
The practical background, combined with consultancy activities has lead to our strong ability in conceptional thinking and working. Our team partners have a technical as well as an economic background, which allows them to place the assigned tasks in a broader context.
Our cooperation with our customers is project- and team-orientated, in order to develop and implement creative concepts together. Our approach combines methodological and structural proceeding with a hands-on implementation.

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BG&P AG supports unicef and Kids Kidney Care

Besides its professional activities, BG&P AG is dedicated to the humanitarian sphere , financially supporting UNICEF in the realization of their aims and projects for the benefits of the children of this world as well as Kids Kidney Care to support the needs of children and teenagers suffering renal illness, as well as their families in Switzerland.